Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back to School Linky

I am linking up with Miss V's Busy Bees and Mrs. D for the Back to School Linky party. I cannot believe that we are so close to the beginning of the school year ago. Just over a month for me (August 25th). So stressful! Anywho, back to the linky!

This week's topic is Behavior Management. I teach high school so my tips are going to be geared towards older students. When I taught 4th grade, I used a star chart with huge success. With my Juniors and Seniors, I have to be a bit more creative. The biggest issue with my students is the fact that they don't turn in their homework which leads to some behavior issues during class time because they have no idea what is going on because THEY DIDN'T DO THEIR BLEEPIN HOMEWORK! I use pink slips (printed on obnoxious pink paper) that students have to fill out when they do not turn in assignments. This helps me keep a hard copy record of what the student has not turned in (for parents and administrators) and is kinda embarrassing for the student. They start realizing how not doing assignments affects their grade and they start to take it seriously. I use a document similar to this :

I naturally changed it around to fit my classroom needs. Go link up so I can read your tips!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Currently!

I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the July Currently.

So I have a real addiction to the Real Housewives franchise and New Jersey is my favorite. The BF and I are going down to FL for 4 days and I am super stoked to just go and lay on the beach and relax. I have already started on my Unit 1 (Scarlet Letter) for my 11th grade English class. Which reminds me! I don't think I let everyone know that I am teaching 3 on-level 11th grade English classes and 2 US History classes. I am super excited!! So go link up with Farley if you haven't already!!