Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back To School Linky!

Today I am linking up with The Primary Pack for their Back-To-School Linky Party. Even though I am not an elementary school teacher [anymore!], I do like to join in any linky party that I can! Join up so that I can check out your link! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week 1: What I Wore

The first week of school is always a fashion show for everyone in the building. Administrators and teachers want to dress up ├╝ber-professionally in order to invoke authority and kiddos want to dress cool and en vogue in order to place themselves high up on the social ladder. I absolutely despise worrying about clothing. If I could get away with wearing sweatsuits everyday, I would gladly dress that way. I find worrying about clothing and makeup to be frivolous, but I understand the reasoning behind professional wear. As a society, we base impressions of a person's worthiness based on their appearance. Since I am teaching a college-level English class this year, I need to be up to snuff or the kids are going to eat me alive. I am still a work in progress [I relish sleeping in instead of doing my makeup, I need to be better at that!] and I am starting to enjoy clothing a bit more as I continue to lose weight. Check out my looks below!

Top and Pants: Old Navy
Glasses: Kate Spade
Sandals: Mossimo by Target

Sweater, Top and Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: H&M

Sweater and Leggings: Nordstrom Rack
Dress:Old Navy
Shoes: Sport by Anne Klein

Top and Jeans: Old Navy

Top: From a gift shop in Berlin
Jeans: Old Navy

Saturday, September 5, 2015

September Currently!

Hello All!! As you can see, I still haven't been able to fix that damned title up at the top! If anyone can assist me, that would be greaaaaaaat. Anywho, I am already two weeks into my 5 year of teaching in the District of Columbia! This year has already been a little crazy. I was scheduled to teaching two AP Language classes and 2 US History classes. After the first day, my Assistant Principal called me and asked if I could drop one of my AP classes and teach a freshman English course. I would still have my 3 planning periods but I would have 3 preps. Understanding that I really didn't have a choice in the matter, I said fine. This on top of starting two very tough graduate courses, needless to say, I am overwhelmed. I felt almost paralyzed this past week and was unable to accomplish many tasks. I finally got some much needed rest and cuddle time with Sophie and my bf and I am finally feeling somewhat better. On top this, PBS finally uploaded my video! I was approached back in November to participate in the remastering of Ken Burns' Civil War documentary and how I utilize it in my classroom. The final product was uploaded this week to the education site and I have it here!

Check it out and let me know what you think??? Now, without further ado...September Currently! 

1. I don't have the TV on for once so I am just listening to Sophie poke around, little cute porker.

2. I love everything pumpkin scented so when Chris picked up this pumpkin roll candle from Safeway, I was about that life.

3. I accidentally left my backpack in the car and Chris drove to work this morning...so I won't be able to do any reading until he gets back at 4:30 

4. Summer blows, I hate the humidity and heat. I am ready for some refreshing, crisp air! 

5. I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy over the summer and placed on a lactose-free diet. You can tell something was up with me in the PBS video, I look like I am ready to pop. Since being on the diet since July, I have lost 17 pounds just through diet alone! 

6. I need to start working out to keep the weight loss going, 4x a week for 45 minutes is perfect. I always seem to fall behind in my grad readings and I cannot do that with these classes this year! Lastly, I need to enjoy what God has given me. I am not that religious anymore, but I know that He has a plan for me because I have seen the doors and opportunities that have been presented and it is only going to get better once I finish my degree.

That's all for now! Go link up with Farley! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life is Chaotic

I promised to be a better blogger. I failed miserably.

I feel as though this is the story of my life. I set out to do something non-work related and I always end up bullshitting around. I thought I could look at this blog as an outlet for my frustrations. For my hopes and dreams. For my grand ideas.

And I couldn't even do that.

I don't know if I am stuck in a rut or what is going on, personally, in my life. Work-wise, I am moving and shaking. This begs the question: am I a product of my environment? I live in Washington, DC. The "capital of the free world", if you will. All that everyone does here is work, drink, have sex, drink, and work some more. Yes, Washingtonians do enjoy the nightlife and such but our minds are always on work. We are constantly glued to our phones every time it vibrates. OMG is that an email from my Senator boss? OMG are we being sequestered AGAIN? Washingtonians are addicted to the adrenaline that comes with working in this city. We eat, breathe, sleep politics.

The unfortunate side effect is that this mentality rolls over into every aspect of life in Washington, DC. We all play politics to a certain extent in every school but I feel it is much more heightened here in DC. I attribute this to the fact that we have no control over our budget [even though Congress likes to spew that we do, we have to ask Daddy(ies) to sign off on our checks] and we have to fight to have basic things in our classrooms. We live in fear that when Congress threatens to sequester that we will still be able to provide for our students because, yes, our District funds get tied up in that mess.

I need to do better. I need to use this as the outlet it was intended to be. But how do I commit myself to this? Alexis from Strange and Charmed suggested be consistent, even if it means you only update every two weeks. She believes that as long as you are consistent with your updates, your audience will stick around.

Is this true? Is this the reason why so many of you left? I simply fell off the face of the planet and abandoned my post.

I apologize. I truly do. I will work to do better.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Semester in the Books

I received my 2nd semester grades from Spring Semester finally on Friday morning. I finished with straight A's! Considering that I am a full-time teacher in addition to being a full-time grad student, I am going to go ahead and congratulate myself on this achievement. Now that I am done for the next 6 weeks, this household is gearing up to move! Yes, we are moving out of the District and moving in a much larger space in Alexandria, Virginia. I am not exactly stoked about moving out to Alexandria, I am going to miss the District but since my brother has moved in we have been lacking some serious space. I have also only been to Alexandria once since moving to DC 5 years ago. Anyone have some tips/great places to check out in Alexandria?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner 2015

Hi Flatters! [is that an ok nickname? kinda sounds weird...]

First things first, I am having a hell of a time with my banner. As you can see, I just kinda gave up after a few hours of dealing with it. Anyone out there that can give me some pointers to get that header centered and bigger??

Secondly, I finally got my Erin Condren Life Planner!! So excited. I have incorporated some pictures into this blog for you all. Check it out below!

The box! Sophie checking it out before Mommy opens it up. 

Have I mentioned that Purple is my favorite color?

Stickers and postcard


Garnet and Gold for Florida State!

Inside cover


April 2015 spread

Notes section

More notes


More stickers, I love stickersssssssss

Ok that was quick! I hope you enjoy seeing the unwrapping of my ECLP. I am thinking about doing a weekly/biweekly ECLP planner blogs so that you can see my week(s). Let me know if you think that is a good idea below. I love your comments!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Schedule Linky

Hi All! I am linking up with Schroeder Shenanigans to post my daily schedule! I love this idea. As a Secondary Teacher [ELA and History], I have different schedules on different days as well as a different schedule for Graduate School! I have created two daily schedules and check them out below!!

Teaching Life

7:15-7:45am: Waking up, showering, breakfast, getting ready
8:05-8:30am: Arrive at work and prepare for the day
8:45-9:30am: 1st Period [English III Inclusion class]
9:30-11:15am: 2nd or 3rd Period [either English III or US History Inclusion]
11:15-12:05pm: STEP [Student-Teacher Enrichment Period aka Lunch :-p]
12:10-1:39pm: 4th or 5th Period [either English III or Planning]
1:45-3:15pm: 6th or 7th Period [either US History or Planning]
3:15-4:30pm: Making copies for the next day(s), hosting English III meetings, meetings with students

Graduate Life

I have class from 8-11pm on Monday and Tuesday nights. I typically try to nap between work and class or go to school early to complete homework. However, Saturdays or Sundays are my "Graduate" days. So a typical weekend day would look like the following:

11-12pm: Wake up [I need my sleep!!]
12-12:30pm: make lunch and a snack
12:30-1:00pm: Schedule out my readings and notes for comps
1:00-3:30pm: Complete my readings
3:30-4:00pm: Break [eyes are usually blurry and in need of a break!]
4:00-6:00pm: Type up notes for Comps

So that's it! Go link up so I can see your schedules :) 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Grading Playlist and Trench Coats

We are getting close to one of my favorite times in DC...the Cherry Blossom Festival!! The blossoms are incredibly gorgeous [as seen above] and the weather is downright amazing. As you may tell, I have tweaked my blog name a bit, Life in Flats. I am still going to incorporate teaching into my blog [see below!] but I also want to talk more about my life as a grad student, organizer, planner addict, 2-star chef and aspiring vlogger. I live in an amazing city and I want to share my experiences in and around it with my readers, all 43 of you. I am not much of a creator in terms of having an Etsy or TpT shop so I do feel very much on the outside of teaching blogs. As I have mentioned in previous posts this year at my high school has been especially difficult. Our Principal of 7 years left after much media scrutiny over the safety and security of our building after a few robberies by students against other students took place. Since then there has been a sort of continental divide between the Administration and the teaching staff which is growing larger by the day. Through in two months worth of PARCC testing and this is becoming a recipe for disaster. I don't know whether or not I will stay at my current school. Time will tell!

Moving on to more pleasant things, today I found myself with a foot high stack of papers that I haven't graded in the past three weeks thanks to the never ending grad school work and administering PARCC testing. I created a playlist for myself for when I run, lift weights or grade papers. Sometimes I need some serious power music to get through grading, either because of the amount of grading or, I hate to say this but it is true, the quality of work. EXCLAIMER!! Some of these songs are EXPLICIT! And unfortunately I know that majority of my students the explicit ones word for word...

You can listen to the playlist HERE

I also have been in the market for a nice trench coat. If my life was perfect and I was married to Tom Hiddleston, I would purchase this 1800USD Burberry Trench Coat. But that is the cost of one month's rent for my little apartment in DC and I am fairly certain my loverboy would slice me if I spent rent money on this coat. I have always loved London Fog coats since I stumbled upon the factory store in Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise, FL. I have two LF trench coats from Macy's that I think are pretty affordable, 129 and 159 each. 

Aren't they both great?!

So leave me a comment below! Let me know if you like or dislike the new blog name or the new content.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Some Thoughts...

Hi All! I have been thinking lately about my blog, ways to improve it, ways to change it, etc. I have been considering making this blog more than just teaching. I want to incorporate more of my personal life - productivity, food, grad school- into this blog but I feel as though no one will want to continue reading if every post isn't about teaching. Obviously all of my personal life ties into my teaching life so I do feel as though everything will still be relevant to all of you wonderful readers! I am also considering changing my blog name to Life in Flats...please leave me a comment below and let me know what your thoughts on this potential change!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Currently and Update

I cannot believe that it is already March! Only 70 more days of school for me. We are getting into the PARCC testing window here in DC and let's just say that it has been a simply terrifying time. I have been chosen to be one of the main testing administrators during this time [I will be testing a total of 8 days] and apparently if I screw up this test, I could lose my teaching license! I am hoping that the testing won't be as difficult as it has been for other school districts that have started testing this week. We are looking at another snow storm this Thursday that could be a doozy, anywhere from 5 inches to over a foot. I personally wouldn't mind a snow day so that I can catch up on some grad school readings! This semester has been easier than last, thank the lord. I also haven't heard back from Montgomery County yet, but I have submitted all my items and made it through the interview so I am expecting a contract this month from them. While I am waiting, I have linked up with Farley over at Oh Boy 3rd Grade! for this month's currently. I love Currently's! Check out below and let me see those currently's!

Listening: Barefoot Contessa...I enjoy her show, sometimes she has great recipes.

Loving: The fact that we are finally above freezing! I even wore a T-shirt outside even though it was 38 degrees. Felt amazing.

Thinking: About my contract. I really want to start fresh and I want that to be Montgomery County. I am hoping to hear back this month!

Wanting: My poor iPhone 5 is crapping out. I make a phone call on 100% and my battery drops to 80% immediately. I need my upgrade which comes March 27, thankfully.

Needing: A snow day which hopefully will come on Thursday so I can catch up on my readings.

Spring Break: Spring Break in the District is so freaking late! I will have only two weeks until the end of Spring semester at American University so I will be spending my time prepping for exams and papers.

So that is it! Go link up with Farley, you won't regret it.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


It has been a while since I have done a "Currently"! I love Farley, she has the greatest IG too. I would recommend checking her out. Check out mine below and then link up yours with the link above.