Saturday, May 24, 2014

Erin Condren Teacher Planner Review

            Even though this year is (slowly) winding down, I have begun to look towards 2014-2015 School Year. I will be teaching United State History and some grade level of English (probably 9th grade). I will also be starting graduate school at American University (Political Science) so I have to be doubly on my game next year. I have read a few posts about Erin Condren and her amazingly addictive website and supplies. At 60 bucks I was a little unsure about how great this planner was going to be. Well I got it today! And can I say how impressed I am already!? First it comes in an adorable patterned box and wrapped in purple paper (no photo, sorry!). I received tons of cute stickers, for free!!, with my name on them and two coupons for future purchases. I spent at least 30 minutes customizing the planner and I am so pleased with how it has came out. Check it out below:

Front of the Planner. That ruler is removable and can be used as a bookmark.
This section has room for your name, room number, sections taught, usernames and passwords, etc.
Absentee Log, I have about 5 pages of this! 
Year-at-a-glance, nice to have a full spread so you can really see everything.
Every Month has a huge calendar and then two notes pages. The weekly planning pages are after the 12 months and checklists.

OMG these checklist pages!!!! I love them!!! I use something like this in my classroom as a back-up for my online grade book. Having it in one spot is wonderful and so much easier than lugging around a huge laptop, folders and a planner.
Stickers! These come with the planner and there are two sheets of blank ones. You can also make your own, which I did for my grad classes.
The weekly planning sheet. It is so pretty and crisp. I am a little concerned about the room for writing, however.
Two-sided folder in the back to hold onto those pesky papers.
Pocket for pens/paper clips and the back cover with the calender, which is very handy!

Bonus pic!!
My little Sophie, who is 10 months this month!

So how many people have ordered a planner from Erin Condren before? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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