Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List Linky Party!!

Well school hasn't ended for me *just yet* but I am already looking forward to my two short months off. Thankfully, the way our schedule is set the last few days of school will be sans students so I can pack up and get all my grading done before our cruise luncheon on the 21st.

 I feel as though this will be on a lot of teachers bucket list. My lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me and I find myself getting sleepy earlier and earlier.

 I am incredibly pale. I also am incredibly deficient in Vitamin D! I got a super cute black one piece from Forever 21 online that I just can't wait to rock by the pool this summer. I actually do look nice with a healthy tan. Now I just need to hit up Target for SPF 100 sunblock :-p

Ugh, I am embarrassed to say that I have not worked out in over a month. Terrible! So this summer, I am working on my schedule so that working out is the first thing I do in the morning. Hopefully then I will stick on this routine throughout the school year as well.

One thing I noticed this year is that my students are NOT ORGANIZED. I want to not only teach them English but also teach them the importance of organization. One thing I did when I taught World History was have my students keep an interactive student notebook. I want to take that idea and create one for English. If anyone has any idea or tips, please comment below. I could use some help!

I have only been reading the books that my students have been reading. I have three books that I have been trying to read this year, like Starboard Sea, and I have barely finished the first chapter. I plan on completing this book while tanning by the pool!

So there you go! Go link up with Miss Kindergarten and share your bucket list! :D

Monday, May 20, 2013

Must Have Monday!

Today I am linking up with Teaching with a Touch of Twang for "Must Have Mondays"! Go and check out her blog if you haven't done so already, it is super great :)

Anywho, my "must have" is my Kindle Fire HD:

I am so happy that my boyfriend bought me this for Christmas last year. I use it I am addicted to it. I can do everything on it that I do on my laptop. Only it doesn't take up so much room in my bag and the battery last so much longer. All I need to do is get a bluetooth keyboard to go with it and I am set. I love this!

On a side note, is anyone else just completely ready for school to be over? I am already thinking about next year and I am just so exhausted!

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