Thursday, April 4, 2013

April In the Making with Teaching in Flats!

Today I am linking up with Mrs. Kelly's Klass for "April In the Making"! If you haven't had the opportunity to check out her blog, please do. It has some awesome resources and is super cute.

 Just follow along with the directions and away you go!

1. Maxi Dresses! They are amazing and comfortable. I just bought one from Forever 21 for 15 bucks. You can't beat that at all. The best part is that it is FULL COVERAGE. I am sure that I have mentioned it before but God graced me, and only me in my family, with lovely large lady lumps. It is difficult for me to find items to wear without make it look trashy. So of course I was thrilled to find this maxi dress wasn't going to give me 14/15 year old students an eye full.

2. Things Fall Apart. We are currently reading this text and exploring whether or not Okonkwo is considered an honorable character. It is so ironic that we started reading the text and the author, Chinua Achebe, passed away about a week into our exploration. As sad it was, we got some great informational text about him!

3. CHEESE. I must have a calcium deficiency because I am craving cheese and olives  like nobodies business recently.

 A twist on the old classic, baked ziti. Today I have Baked Lemon Ziti in the oven. Instead of a heavy red sauce, I made a rue and add loads of CHEESE! and lemon zest and juice. I will let you know how it tastes. You can find the recipe on food network HERE.

5. My goal is be to ready to run a 5k in June. I am currently running 10 minutes straight right now...but only at 4.5 mph :( I am sure I will be ready if I put my mind to it!!

Go ahead and link up! I can't wait to see your posts.

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