Monday, May 20, 2013

Must Have Monday!

Today I am linking up with Teaching with a Touch of Twang for "Must Have Mondays"! Go and check out her blog if you haven't done so already, it is super great :)

Anywho, my "must have" is my Kindle Fire HD:

I am so happy that my boyfriend bought me this for Christmas last year. I use it I am addicted to it. I can do everything on it that I do on my laptop. Only it doesn't take up so much room in my bag and the battery last so much longer. All I need to do is get a bluetooth keyboard to go with it and I am set. I love this!

On a side note, is anyone else just completely ready for school to be over? I am already thinking about next year and I am just so exhausted!

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  1. YES to all of the above! I don't have a Kindle Fire but I love my Kindle! After my dog, it's my favorite thing I've ever bought, lol. Summer could not come fast enough but ironically I'm still thinking of next year, haha. Thanks for linking up, I'm excited to be your newest follower!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

    1. Thanks Sabra! I see you went to UCF. I went to FSU! Florida Teachers represent :)