Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy Bee! School updates and a booka booka cutie

Autumn is finally making it's way into the Nation's capitol! I am so ready for big, cozy sweaters and hot cocoa. September has proven to be a very busy month at my school. Things have been mixed up and we are just trying to get a hold of what is going on. My Honors students are just now starting their novels (Fences by August Wilson). I spent about 3 hours today creating reading schedules for them. October is such a great/bad month. I love Homecoming week and Halloween but we have about 4 days that we miss this month. Plus English teachers have the Paced Interim Testing (PIAs) meaning we miss another 2 days of teaching. All in all I am pretty excited about moving onto Unit 2! We read The Bluest Eye and I am curious to see how the students interact with the text. I also can't wait until I try my Literature Circles! I also have to miss majority of Thursday because I am attending the Student Government Leadership Conference, since I am the 9th grade sponsor. I am also in charge of the Pep Rally and I could really use some ideas about what games/events to have at the rally. Please let me know in the comments below!!

In other news, the bf and I might be getting a Boston Terrier puppy this coming weekend!! Look at this little booka booka:

I can't even contain my excitement!! If we get her, I will definitely be posting a bazillion pictures of her next weekend. I cannot wait!!!

I will be updating when Farley posts the next Currently and after my Leadership Conference!

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