Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Grading Playlist and Trench Coats

We are getting close to one of my favorite times in DC...the Cherry Blossom Festival!! The blossoms are incredibly gorgeous [as seen above] and the weather is downright amazing. As you may tell, I have tweaked my blog name a bit, Life in Flats. I am still going to incorporate teaching into my blog [see below!] but I also want to talk more about my life as a grad student, organizer, planner addict, 2-star chef and aspiring vlogger. I live in an amazing city and I want to share my experiences in and around it with my readers, all 43 of you. I am not much of a creator in terms of having an Etsy or TpT shop so I do feel very much on the outside of teaching blogs. As I have mentioned in previous posts this year at my high school has been especially difficult. Our Principal of 7 years left after much media scrutiny over the safety and security of our building after a few robberies by students against other students took place. Since then there has been a sort of continental divide between the Administration and the teaching staff which is growing larger by the day. Through in two months worth of PARCC testing and this is becoming a recipe for disaster. I don't know whether or not I will stay at my current school. Time will tell!

Moving on to more pleasant things, today I found myself with a foot high stack of papers that I haven't graded in the past three weeks thanks to the never ending grad school work and administering PARCC testing. I created a playlist for myself for when I run, lift weights or grade papers. Sometimes I need some serious power music to get through grading, either because of the amount of grading or, I hate to say this but it is true, the quality of work. EXCLAIMER!! Some of these songs are EXPLICIT! And unfortunately I know that majority of my students the explicit ones word for word...

You can listen to the playlist HERE

I also have been in the market for a nice trench coat. If my life was perfect and I was married to Tom Hiddleston, I would purchase this 1800USD Burberry Trench Coat. But that is the cost of one month's rent for my little apartment in DC and I am fairly certain my loverboy would slice me if I spent rent money on this coat. I have always loved London Fog coats since I stumbled upon the factory store in Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise, FL. I have two LF trench coats from Macy's that I think are pretty affordable, 129 and 159 each. 

Aren't they both great?!

So leave me a comment below! Let me know if you like or dislike the new blog name or the new content.

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