Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week 1: What I Wore

The first week of school is always a fashion show for everyone in the building. Administrators and teachers want to dress up über-professionally in order to invoke authority and kiddos want to dress cool and en vogue in order to place themselves high up on the social ladder. I absolutely despise worrying about clothing. If I could get away with wearing sweatsuits everyday, I would gladly dress that way. I find worrying about clothing and makeup to be frivolous, but I understand the reasoning behind professional wear. As a society, we base impressions of a person's worthiness based on their appearance. Since I am teaching a college-level English class this year, I need to be up to snuff or the kids are going to eat me alive. I am still a work in progress [I relish sleeping in instead of doing my makeup, I need to be better at that!] and I am starting to enjoy clothing a bit more as I continue to lose weight. Check out my looks below!

Top and Pants: Old Navy
Glasses: Kate Spade
Sandals: Mossimo by Target

Sweater, Top and Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: H&M

Sweater and Leggings: Nordstrom Rack
Dress:Old Navy
Shoes: Sport by Anne Klein

Top and Jeans: Old Navy

Top: From a gift shop in Berlin
Jeans: Old Navy

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