Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week 2013: Let's Talk About Me Monday!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' this week for Teacher Week 2013! I am super excited for school to start (Pre-service week at least) next Monday. I feel super prepared and ready for this upcoming school year. Plus I get to finally teach 12th grade, along with 9th grade. Anyways, on to the linky:

So today the topic is "Let's Talk About Me". I usually am not a fan of talking about myself other than school related things, but I will give this a shot. We need to list 10 things about ourselves, preferably something that you don't know already?

1. I am a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. Good or bad, I stick by my boys!

2. I never kept a journal until this year. It helps me unload my thoughts before I go to bed so that I don't keep going over and over the thoughts. Stress/Anxiety reliever ftw!

3. Another stress and anxiety reliever, and totally not healthy, is my hookah. I feel like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland whenever I smoke it. Doesn't help my asthma but at least it keeps me from throwing myself off the balcony every now and then.

4. My favorite book in the entirely world is Wuthering Heights. It hurts my soul when people say that they hate that book :(.

5. I am obsessed with autumn and pumpkins. I want to get married in October so I can have pumpkins everywhere.

6. I am also obsessed with corgis. I love their short little bodies and big personalities. I cannot wait until I get one! And those floppy earsssssssssss <3.

7. This year I am not only teaching English but also History after school. I am literally going to be teaching for 12 hours. Thank the lord for extra pay!

8. I bought a grill just so that I could have bratwurst during football season this year.

9. I missed highly effective rating by 10 points this past year. It was my 2nd year of teaching.

10. I am getting back into baking finally! I made my first batch of marble mint chocolate chip cupcakes this weekend!

So what are you waiting for?! Go link up! :)


  1. I just made the most amazing pumpkin rice Krispy treats...literally yesterday. So good! I love fall!


    1. I have been pinning pumpkin food recipes like a fiend the past couple of days. I am ready for autumn!