Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teacher Week: Organization for Instruction

I didn't post yesterday's post because I don't go back to the classroom until the 19th! Next week I will add a "Classroom Digs" post.

Today's blog post is about organization for instruction. Last year I had to float to FOUR different classrooms. It was hell on Earth, not going to lie. I had to be super organized with all my papers because if I wasn't I was going to leave someone in one of those classrooms, never to see them again.

One of the best places to shop for all of your organizational needs is The Container Store. I am a wee bit obsessed with them. It doesn't help that the nearest CS to my high school is right next door.

This expanding file is awesome for carrying papers to and fro work. I can make tabs for "To Grade", "To Enter" (into our Edline) and "To Hand Back". 
These open top holders are perfect as my classroom tubs. This is where students hand back things and where they can find their graded work. I keep this in the back of the classroom. I number the students during the first week of school so that they know which folder they are. 

This handy totes goes with me everywhere when I am in the school. I keep a smaller file holder on my cart that has all of the days important documents.

What do you all think? I am always looking for great organizational tips so please share some of yours below in the comments! :)

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