Sunday, May 25, 2014

10 Things To Do This Summer Linky!

        Summer is always an interesting time of year for teachers. While many of us look forward to this time to recharge our batteries, majority of us are still working in some way, shape, or form. This summer will be no difference from any of the other summers since I have started teaching. Meaning I will be completely lazy until August 1st and then freak out and work 12 hour days until the 1st day of school :-p. This list is what I would *like* to do, let's see if it actually happens! Hop over to Mrs. Jump's Class and join up.

1. SLEEP!! I think this is self-explanatory. I am starting grad school in the fall and taking over two contents AND taking over Student Government. I am going to be a zombie next year.

2. Read some US History Books. I will be teaching US History for the first time and I definitely need to up my knowledge base. I haven't taken a US History class in 7 years! While I am sure my knowledge of US History is better than most Americans, I am a perfectionist and I want to be the best. I have already bought the book, 1776, and I am fascinated. I have about 12 other books on my list that I want to read this summer as well. I won't bore you all with it :-p

3. Work out. I have fallen off the wagon, as many of us have. I have gained 20 pounds since my Grandmother passed away almost 2 years ago and I need to lose that this summer. No reason why I shouldn't be able to lose the 20 pounds in 2 months. Cardio and light weightlifting and clean eating!

4. Spend more time with the boyfriend and fur baby. Sophie and the bf have been complaining about the fact that I don't spend enough time with them and I need to fix that. I have to work on my work-fun balance. I tend to be a workaholic (who isn't anymore?) and it is just not healthy-mentally, emotionally or physically.

5. Experiment with interesting recipes. Summer is the time I tend to experience more "out-there" recipes, like Big Mac Burger (hamburger topped with macaroni and cheese and bacon). Skinny Taste is one of my favorite websites to check for interesting websites.

6. Improve my Italian. I use Duolingo to work on my conversational Italian. I took 2 years in high school and 2 years in college and I remember almost nothing other than the basics. If I can dedicate about a hour each day to Duolingo over the summer, I should be back to speaking almost fluently by September!

7. Update my clothing. I will be 27 in July and a lot of my clothing for work is....showing it's age. I want to get about 12 basics before school starts that I can wear to work and then transition to school in the evenings. So comfort and class! Dresses are quickly becoming one of my favorites but I do like wearing pants in the winter. Covers the legs on my walks to work!

8. Eat breakfast on the balcony on our new IKEA patio furniture twice a week. Weird thing, I know. But I absolutely love this patio furniture. The chairs are super sturdy and don't wobble at all. We have a cute lantern to light up at night if we want to enjoy a late dinner.

9. Tour the Capitol. I will have lived in DC for 3 years in two weeks and I have never toured the Capitol building. Especially if I am going to teach US History, I have to at least toured one of the most important buildings in the free world!

10. Start planning 2 hours a day starting July 1st. Teaching two content areas and at least 2 preps means I need to be super organized. I want to start planning my units and summative assessments first and then move towards daily lessons as the month moves on.

Tell me what you think? Link up and share your 10 things you want to do!

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  1. Yay! I always love finding other secondary teachers. I feel like teaching blogs are definitely dominated by our elementary counterparts :)