Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Killer Angels Facebook Project

         I have just started teaching the novel Killer Angels by Michael Shaara this past week with my 9th grade students and I am super excited. As everyone knows, my undergrad major was History and I am a huge history nerd. While the American Civil War is not my forte, I am still excited to be able to teaching a novel that has to do with history. The foreword of the novel tends to be a bit dry so I think the easiest way to "liven" it up a bit was to incorporate some social media aspects since we all know that our students looooooove social media! I searched high and low for a "Facebook project" but I ended up utilizing my resources (my students) and had them create their own graphic organizer and template for their pages. The students then presented their pages while the rest of the class took notes on the character so they could tell which soldier was which and which side they fought on. Overall I think this project went quite well. I was not asking the students to do anything "too rigorous", just asking them to read the foreword and do some research on their chosen character. I have attached a wonderful example below:

How many of you have asked your students to do an assignment or project that incorporates some form of social media?


  1. I have them fill out Facebook pages for our Animal Farm Unit! I leave certain areas blank and they have to fill them in. I don't have them do it on the computer though because that way they can just pull it out to work on for 5 minutes or so if they finish something else early! Great idea!!

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    1. Thank you for the comment! Typically my students do it by hand, but these two girls were more computer savvy than the rest of us and did it on a word processor!